2018 AURCO Journal

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Refereed Papers

Susan A. Baim, Miami University Middletown

Building Proactive Student Interactions Online Through an Interactive Course Wiki: A Pilot Study

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Amy E. Beumer, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash

Effectiveness of modified team-based learning in the introductory biology classroom of a two-year, open access college

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J.A. Carter, Seelie DeCresce-Carter, Jessica J. Warner, Miami University Hamilton

Accessing Sexual Health Resources: An Analysis of the Ease-of-Access of Sexual Health Resources on
Ohio Regional Campus Websites and Social Media

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Jordan Crabbe, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash

Preparing the Underprepared Students for Success

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Susan Dowell, Christy Vickers, Sheryl House, Ohio University Zanesville

Implementing a Successful Student-Led International Service-Learning Experience

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Matthew J. Fox, Ohio University Zanesville

Using High-fidelity Simulation as a Teaching Tool to Enhance Undergraduate Nursing Students
Understanding, Recognition, and Communication in Critical Patient Situations

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Patricia Goedl, University of Cincinnati Clermont

Pilot Study of the Effectiveness of an Enterprise Instructor-Driven Student Intervention System on Student Retention

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Dave D. Hochstein, Wright State Lake

The Effects Of Course Type and Participant Characteristics on College Students’ Studying Time

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Tracey K. Hoffman, Jane Lance, Miami Middletown

Developing and Implementing a Prekindergarten Associate Degree Program Online to Meet the Needs of Non-traditional Students

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Subbu Kumarappan, The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute

Why Improv is better than Textbook Roleplays in business classrooms?

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Krista E. Wood, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash
Kathleen Koenig, University of Cincinnati
Lei Bao, Ohio State University
Lindsay Owens, Rochester Institute of Technology

Development of Student Abilities in Control of Variables at a Two-Year College

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Book Review

Renate W. Prescott, Kent State University at Geauga

Teaching With Your Mouth Shut

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