2017 AURCO Journal

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Table of Contents

Editor’s Commentary

Steven M. Toepfer, Editor, Kent State University Salem

In Memory of Dr. Gordon J. Aubrecht, II

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Refereed Papers

Reuben Asempapa, Penn State Harrisburg

How Did We Get Here? The Path to Our Current K 12 Mathematics Education Curriculum in the United States

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Gordon J. Aubrecht, II, The Ohio State University Marion

How Well Do Middle School Teachers Understand Newton’s Third Law?

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Adam Chekour, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash

The Effectiveness of Computer-Assisted Math Instruction in Developmental Classes

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Robin Dever, Kent State University Geauga

Academic Partnerships to Strengthen College Credit Plus

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Beth Dietz, Miami University Middletown

Translating Immediacy Behavior in the Online Classroom

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Debra L. Frame, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash
Sarah Cummins-Sebree, University of Cincinnati Raymond Walters

A Case Study on Proactive (Intrusive) Faculty Contracts’ Influence on DFW Rates in Introductory Psychology Courses

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Barbara Mahaffey, Ohio University Chillicothe

Teaching Diversity to Regional Campus Students: Using a Miscommunication Model Technique as an Enrichment Tool

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Darcy McBride, Akron University Wayne

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Higher Education

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Dywayne Nicely, Ohio University Chillicothe

Implementing a Supplemental Instruction Program for Introductory Statistics at a Regional Campus

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Karen Smith, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash
Dennis Clason, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash

Using Blanks in Guided Lecture Notes

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Jack Vazzana, Kent State University East Liverpool

A Visual Model of Deviance: Social Triggers and Unacceptable Behavior

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