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2016 AURCO Journal

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Refereed Papers

Gordon J. Aubrecht, II, Ohio State University at Marion Jessica G. Creamer, Education Specialist, Upper Sandusky Jennifer L. Esswein, External Evaluator, Portland Bill Schmitt, Science Center of Inquiry, Fountain Hills
Recognizing changes in middle school science teachers practices


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Kellie Adams, Ohio University Chillicothe Camille Leadingham, Ohio University Chillicothe
Utilizing QR codes to teach basic cardiac EKG interpretation


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Nicole Blau, Ohio University Lancaster Christina Anderson, Coastal Carolina University
Understanding unhealthy life transitions Relationships between perceived bullying and tobacco use, binge drinking, and marijuana use


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Matthew DeMatteo, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College
Strengthening the Chain: Using Symbiotic Relationships to Build Better Pathways to Higher Education


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Rachel Frankel, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash
After the Test What Now Post Assessment Reflection


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Tracey K. Hoffman, Miami Middletown
Nontraditional Students in a Pre-kindergarten Teacher Education Program The Challenges and Successes


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Sheryl Katherine House, Stacie L. Sweet, and Christy Vickers, Ohio University Zanesville
Students Perceptions and Satisfaction with Adaptive Quizzing


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Michele D. Kegley, Maia T. Toteva, and Jeanie S. Wolf, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash
Hybrids, Hassles, and Hiccups Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Challenges and Advantages of Hybrid Classes


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William Larson, Ohio University Southern
A Case Study of a Principal Preparation Program


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Janet L. Marshall and Christopher Hodge, Miami University Middletown
Discovery-based Experiments in the Organic Chemistry Lab The SN2 Conversion of Phenylalanine to Phenyllactic Acid


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Mark D. Nevin, Ohio University Lancaster
A Tale of Two Bridges A History of Ohio University Lancasters John Bright Bridges


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Barbara B. Oswald, Miami University Hamilton
A SWOT Analysis and Preliminary Outcomes Assessment of a Student-Led Learning Center on a Regional Campus


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