2015 AURCO Journal

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Refereed Papers

Gordon J. Aubrecht, II, Department of Physics, Ohio State University at Marion
Jennifer Esswein, Education Northwest
Bill Schmitt, Science Center of Inquiry
Jessica Creamer, Education Specialist

Using Common Formative Assessments (CFAs) as a Means to Quantify Perceived Student Changes in IMPACTed Teachers

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Sheri K. Barksdale, University of Cincinnati UC Blue Ash

Case Study of Peer Tutoring and Performance of Students in First and Second Year Courses

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Karen M. Brown, Miami Middletown

Developing Allophilia through Service Learning: A Case Study of Nursing Students at a University’s Regional Campus

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Susan Emens & Jacob Roope, Kent State University Geauga

Strengthening the Chain: Using Symbiotic Relationships to Build Better Pathways to Higher Education

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Debra L. Frame, UC Blue Ash
Jody L. Ballah, UC Raymond Walters

Speaking the Same Language: A Case Study in Intergenerational Interactions to Promote Understanding across Generations

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Shahrokh Ghaffari, Ohio University Zanesville

Investigating the Relationship Between Student Performance and Average Time Spent On Chemistry Exams

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Shawn Golden, Kent State University East Liverpool

Impact of K-12 Interaction by Applying Soller’s Collaborative Learning Conversation Skill Taxonomy to Student Discussions

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Barbara A. Mahaffey, Gregg Hungerford, and Sage Sill, Ohio University Chillicothe

College Student Mother Needs at Regional Campuses: An Exploratory Study

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Jeffrey A. Nelson, Kent State University Trumbull

The Argument Over Awarding Bachelor Degrees by Formerly Two-Year Degree Granting Institutions

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Wendy C. Pfrenger, Kent State University Salem

DIY College Access: Collaborations Between a Regional Campus and the Local Community

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Steven M. Toepfer, Kent State University Salem

Written Narratives Show Negative Family Themes for Regional Campus Students When Compared to Residential College Students

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Allison White, Ohio University Chillicothe

Connecting Students to Jobs: The Job Market for Administrative and Business Support Associate Degree Majors

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