2014 AURCO Journal

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Refereed Papers

Champike Attanayake, Miami University Middletown

Short-Term Service-Learning in an Introductory Mathematics Course

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Gordon J. Aubrecht, II, Ohio State University Marion

From Spontaneous Symmetry Discovery Breaking Into the Higgs

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Gordon J. Aubrecht, II, Ohio State University Marion
Eleanor C. Sayre, Kansas State University, Manhattan

Newton’s Third Law in Middle School

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Nicole Blau and Candice E. Thomas-Maddox, Ohio University Lancaster

Are They Really That Different? Comparing Nontraditional versus Traditional Students’ Motives for Communicating with Instructors

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Sarah E. Cummins-Sebree and Eliah White, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College

Using the Flipped Classroom Design: Student Impressions and Lessons Learned

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Debra L. Frame, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash

Wiki Fever! Building a Collaborative Exam Study Guide to Promote Student Success in the College Classroom

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Terry L. Hapney, Jr., Marshall University
David Lucas, Ohio University Southern

Open Records Requests At State Universities in Ohio: The Law, Legalities, and Litigation

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Michele D. Kegley, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash

Debating as a Team Learning Strategy in an Economics Classroom

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Janice Rye Kinghorn, Miami University, Middletown

The New Digital Divide: Peer Collaboration as a Bridge

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David M. Lucas, Ohio University Southern

Layers of Meaning and Message: Pragmatic Models in Mediating an Industrial Meta Code, Mexican Spanish and Middle English in a Manufacturing Move

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Bradford P. Mallory, Daniella J. Fisher, Ann R. Witham, and Amy D. Gultice, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash

With A Little Help From My Friends: How Faculty Peer Review Can Transform Mediocre Teaching Methods into Powerful Learning Experiences

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James R. McKean, Ohio University Chillicothe

Using Institutional Data in Curricular Decision Making

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Lydia Rose, Kent State University East Liverpool
Tim Hibsman, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Lurking, Spying, and Policing: Practical Strategies to Enhancing Engagement and Collaboration in Virtual Group Work

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Rick C. Shriver, Ohio Ohio University Zanesville

Assessing the Effectiveness of Radio Advertising for Reaching Teen College Prospects

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Patricia L. Tomich and Jannifer R. Moyer, Kent State University Trumbull

A Pilot Feasibility Study: A Novel Approach to Assess Posttraumatic Growth

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Rachael Volokhov, Kent State University Salem

Differences in Study Skills Knowledge between Traditional and Nontraditional Students

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