2013 AURCO Journal

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Refereed Papers

James Kofi Adabor, Wright State University Lake

Harnessing Formative and Summative Assessments to Promote Mathematical Understanding and Proficiency

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Kristi Barnes, Ohio University Southern

A Review of Age-Discriminat Relationships Involving Younger Women: Couples Therapy Not A "One Size Fits All"?

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Natalia Darling, University of Cincinnati Blue Ash

Reading and Writing Strategies for Mathematics

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Sharon L Burns and Darwin R. Church, University of Cincinnati Clermont

Writing to Improve Conceptual Understanding in STEM Disciplines Abstract

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Purba Das and Orianna Carter, Ohio University Southern

Collaborative Teaching on Regional Campuses

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David D. Hochstein, Judy Brewer, Matt Bonin, and Amanda Slusser, Wright State University Lake

Examining the Issue of Academic Plagiarism: What Do Faculty at AURCO Affiliated Instutions Know About Plagiarism?

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Brian R. Hoyt, Ohio University Lancaster

Predicting Training Transfer of New Computer Software Skills: A Research Study Comparing e-Learning and In-class Delivery

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Nancy Kern-Manwaring and Virginia B. Wickline, Miami Univerisity Middletown

Health Matters: Service Learning (SL) Interdisciplinary Health Fair in Nursing and Psychology Provides Student Satisfaction & Growth

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Martin Kich, Wright State University Lake

Some Advice on Pursuing Research and Scholarship at a Regional Campus

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William Larson, Ohio University Southern

A Professional Development Project for School Leaders: Including Investigations of the Value of the Project to the Participants

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Janet L. Marshall and Wiliam Comminos, Miami University Middletown

Incorporating Aspects of the Ohio REEL Program into the Organic Chemistry Laboratory: The SN1 Reaction of Bromotriphenylmethane

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David McCoy, Ashland University

Social Media Convergence: How A Blog Assignment Can Be A Professional e-Portfolio

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Mitch McKenney and Robert Hamilton, Kent State University Stark

Environmental Media Biology Theory, Journalism Practice, Community Engagement

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Renate W. Prescott, Kent State University Geauga

Lost in the Sea of the World: Teaching Culture and History in Vietnamese Literature of Internal Exile and of the Diaspora

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Scott Tobias, Kent State University Stark

Perspective Transformation Through Service-learning: Student Reflections

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Steven M. Toepfer and Elizabeth Horner, Kent State University Salem

Stories of Family Context at a Regional Campus

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Matt Aanat, Ohio University Lancaster

Membership and Masonry: Wendell Berry, Cormac McCarthy, and the Search for Wisdom

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Mark E. Woods, University of Akron Wayne

The Crisis of Culturally Inappropriate Epigenetic Principles:
A Model for Teaching Social Theory Using Rearward Analysis

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