2012 AURCO Journal

Table of Contents at a Glance

Refereed Papers

Sharon Britton, Bowling Green State University--Firelands
Retention Efforts at BGSU-Firelands: The Retention Initiatives Implementation Team’s Deliberations and First Year Initiatives

Joseph Cavanaugh, Wright State University-Lake

Applying Economic Concepts to Improve Teaching


Joseph Cavanaugh, Wright State University-Lake

Five Practical Strategies to Improve Teaching – Really!?


Sarah Cummins-Sebree, University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash College

Critical Thinking in Introductory Psychology: Motivation Trumps Self-Regulated Learning


Angela Guercio, Kent State University-Stark
Bonita Sharif, Youngstown State University

Being Agile in Computer Science Classrooms


Hayley Mitchell Haugen, Ohio University-Southern

Incorporating Disability Studies into the Composition Classroom


Kimberly M. Hostetler, The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute

Motivating Undergraduates in an Introductory Financial Accounting Class with Stickers!


Devereaux A. Poling, Frank M. LoSchiavo, and Mark A. Shatz
Ohio University—Zanesville

Faculty Success Tips: Adapting to a Regional Campus Microdepartment


Michael Kaufmann, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

How to Teach a True Spokane Story: Learning Sherman Alexie’s Lone Ranger and Tonto
Fistfight in Heaven Through Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried


Rebecca LaRue, University of Cincinnati-Clermont College
Michael R. Preston, University of Cincinnati-Clermont College

A Successful Undergraduate Research Program at a Two-Year Regional Campus


Camille Leadingham , Ohio University-Chillicothe
Joyce Zurmehly , Ohio University-Chillicothe
Charman Miller, Ohio University-Chillicothe
Ronald Vance, Ohio University-Chillicothe

Wireless Headset Technology in Nursing Education


Payman Nasr, Kent State University-Ashtabula

A Report on Case Study Application in an Undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology Course


Angie L. Woods, University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash College
Angel Añorga, University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash College
Teresa Roig-Torres, University of Cincinnati-Blue Ash College

The Dilemma of Once-a-Week Courses: Challenges and Suggested Adjustments