2011 AURCO Journal

Table of Contents at a Glance

Editor’s Commentary

Stephen G. P. Nameth

Refereed Papers

Gordon Aubrecht, Ohio State University—Marion and
Bill Schmitt, Science Center for Inquiry, Fountain Hills, Arizona

Long-term Observations of Celestial Objects in Middle School Astronomy

Susan A. Baim
Miami University—Middletown

Creating a Link with the Community: Developing a Speakers’ Bureau for
Undergraduate Business Courses


Miki Crawford
Ohio University—Southern

About the Book: Collaboration and Publication


Kelly Frigard and Kim Taylor
University of Cincinnati—Clermont

From the Traditional to the Conceptual: The Challenge of Teaching Art Foundations
to the Non-Art Major


Jason Hedrick, The Ohio State Univeristy, Dept. of Extension,
Greg Homan, Wright State University—Lake, and
Jeff Dick, The Ohio State University, Dept. of Extension

Assessing Career And Educational Aspirations of High School Youth And Identifying
Trends in Their Perceptions of Small Communities


Janice Rye Klinghorn, Miami University—Middletown, and
Eli Nettles, Nashville State Community College

Approaches to Improved Learning in Foundational Courses


Janet L. Marshall and Susan S. Marine
Miami University—Middletown

Making Connections: Linking Experiences in Undergraduate Chemistry Courses


Devereaux A. Poling, Frank M. LoSchiavo, and Mark A. Shatz
Ohio University—Zanesville

Faculty Success Tips: Adapting to a Regional Campus Microdepartment


Kevin R. Spiker
Ohio University —Eastern

Introducing American Government and Politics to Students through a Learning