2010 AURCO Journal

Table of Contents at a Glance

Editor’s Commentary

Jeffrey C. Bauer

Refereed Papers

Gordon Aubrecht, Ohio State University—Marion and
Bill Schmitt, Science Center for Inquiry, Fountain Hills, Arizona

IMPACT 2: Inquiry Model for Professional Action and Content-Rich
Teaching. A Partnership to Help Reform Middle School Teaching
and Learning

Dennis W. Bulen
Wright State University—Lake

Seeing Theory in Practice: An Analysis of Criminal Justice Students
Participation in a Police Training Scenario


John J. Burke, Beth E. Tumbleson, and Sarah M. Frye
Miami University—Middletown

Faculty-Librarian Collaboration: The Blackboard Embedded Librarian


Mary Ellen DeHoff
University of Cincinnati—Clermont

Genetics Education in the Laboratory: Addressing Students’
Misconceptions through Instruction and Activities


Stephena E. Harmony, Rita Kumar, Brenda Refaei, &
Claudia Skutar
University of Cincinnati—Raymond Walters

Collaboration between Faculty and Librarians to Improve Students’
Information Literacy Skills


Mohannad AL-Saghir and Tarig Higazi
Ohio University—Zanesville

RADIUS: A Model for Enhancing Biology Teaching and Community


Anna F. Lyon and Kenneth L. Rosengarten
Wright State University

Pre-service Teachers’ Expectations of a University Education Program


Kenneth L. Rosengarten, Gwendolyn Bergman, Kevin Kramer,
Andrea Hemmert, and Melissa Messick
Wright State University—Lake

Service-Learning: An Educational Experience


John Sikula - Ashland University and
Andrew Sikula, Sr., Marshall University—Lewis College of Business

University Regional Centers: Save Major Higher Education Expenses


Steven M. Toepfer
Kent State University—Salem

Is Video Podcasting on Your Playlist? The How-To and Why for
Regional Campuses


Lynn C. Walsh
Ohio University—Southern

Use of Blackboard to Support and Mentor Reading Practicum


Jason S. Wrench - State University of New York at New Paltz
Shannon Brogan - Kentucky State University
Tisa Brown & Charles Pennington, III - Ohio University—Eastern

Views from the Branch: Faculty, Staff, and Students’ Perspectives of
Communication and Competition with a Main Campus


E. “Ted” Bunn Student Excellence Award Winner 2009 - 2010

Daniel Carper
University of Cincinnati—Raymond Walters

Literature’s Role in Shaping our Nation