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2009 AURCO Journal

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Editor’s Commentary

Jeffrey C. Bauer


Refereed Papers

Mohannad AL-Saghir ~ Ohio University—Zanesville and Leela Kaul ~ Taylor University—Upland, Indiana
The Vascular Flora of Collegiate Woods in Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio



Michael L. Carrafiello Miami University—Hamilton
Archives Of Passion: Using Love Letters To Teach The Methods Of Historical Inquiry



Charlotte Souers Ohio University—Chillicothe
Nursing Field Studies: Nursing Students and Service Learning in a Third World Setting



Suguna Chundur and Cherie Zieleniewski University of Cincinnati—Clermont
Building Learning Communities Through Student Organizations



Robert A. Cohen Ohio State University—Mansfield
The Origins of AURCO, 1993-1995



Kitty Consolo Ohio University—Zanesville
Classroom Methods that Promote Student Retention and Learning



Mark S. Cubberley Wright State University—Lake
Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, and Dual Enrollment Programs: A Seniors to Sophomores Primer



Frank Dill University of Cincinnati—Raymond Walters
Action Research on Context, Process and Product Variables in a Tutoring Lab



Irene E. Edge and Jeffrey A. Wheeler Kent State University—Ashtabula
Bridging the Gap: Emphasizing to Students the Importance of Management & IT Working Together



Joseph Cavanaugh Wright State University—Lake
Online Professor Evaluation: Are They Useful Resources Or Misleading and Harmful?



Peggy Proudfoot McGuire ~ Salisbury University Department of Social Work Salisbury, Maryland
Social Work Education and Human Service Technology on the Regional Campus: Using Remote Interactive Technologies to Enhance Student Effectiveness



Vicky K. Parker and Charlotte Souers Ohio University—Chillicothe
Reality Nursing: Student Transition Into Practice



Bozena Barbara Widanski and E. Frank Fitch University of Cincinnati—Clermont
Reviewing Science Concepts Using CLAD: Collaborative Learning Assessment Through Dialogue



Julie E. Yonker and Sarah Cummins-Sebree University of Cincinnati—Raymond Walters
To Read Or Not To Read: How Student Characteristics Relate Textbook Reading



Christine Wolfe and Da Zhang ~ Ohio University—Lancaster and Li Zhou ~ Ohio University—Zanesville
Crucial Components of Online Teaching Success: A Review and Illustrative Case Study



Michelle H. Brodke and Christopher J. Mruk Bowling Green State University—Firelands
Crucial Components of Online Teaching Success: A Review and Illustrative Case Study



Gordon J. Aubrecht, II Ohio State University—Marion
Is There Any Correlation In An Inquiry Class Between Students’ Perceived Topic Difficulty And Their Performance?



E. “Ted” Bunn Student Excellence Award Winners 2008 - 2009

Wayne Kinney University of Cincinnati—Raymond Walters
Encouraging Pretend Play: An Analysis of the Duke Energy, Cincinnati Children’s Museum



Michael S. McCullough University of Akron—Waynen
The Communal Importance of the Roman Collegia



2008 AURCO Conference Plenary Session

Moderator: Rhonda Pettit University of Cincinnati—Raymond Walters
Liberal Arts Education At The Regional Campus: An Open Dialogue Among The Disciplines