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2008 AURCO Journal

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Table of Contents


Editor’s Commentary

Jeffrey C. Bauer


Refereed Papers

Jessica Adams Bowling Green State University—Firelandsa
Defining a Personal Feminism



Mohannad AL-Saghir Ohio University—Zanesville
The Validity of Students’ Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness (SETS)



Beth Dietz-Uhler and Cathy Bishop-Clark Miami University
Effectiveness of a Workshop on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning



Kelly Frigard and Isabel Parra University of Cincinnati—Clermont
Discovering Culture through Textiles and Texts: Projects that Combine Language and Art



Steven M. Toepfer and David M. Dees Kent State University—Salem
Family Matters: Family Patterns of Perceived Social Support and Family Intrusiveness of Rural/Appalachian Regional Campus Students



Deborah Themudo University of Cincinnati—Raymond Walters
Preparing Allied Health Care Students to Serve Latino Communities



Dave D. Hochstein, Judith Brewer, Melissa D. Steinke, and J. Drew Taylor Wright State University—Lake
Examining the Issue of Academic Plagiarism: What Do Students at Wright State University Lake Campus Know about Plagiarism?



Timothy J. Jurkovac Bowling Green State University—Firelands
Preconceived Notions In and Out of the Classroom: A Critical Incidents Analysis of Culture Shock In Colombia, South America



Wilhelm Kossenjans University of Cincinnati—Clermont
Using A Failed Experiment As An Impetus To Nurture Motivation In Lab Class And Learn The Scientific Method



Mark A. Shatz and Stephanie R. Coil Ohio University—Zanesville
Regional Campus Teaching Ain’t a Joke but Humor Can Make it More Effective



Bozena Barbara Widanski and Diana S. Riemenschneider University of Cincinnati—Clermonte
The Effect of Library Training on Scientific Writing in the Organic Chemistry Class



Jeffrey A. Wheeler Kent State University—Ashtabula
Teaching Students: For a Semester Or For a Lifetime?



Linda P. Cornell and Victor U. Odafe Bowling Green State University—Firelands
The Effect of Grading Homework on Student Performance in College Chemistry Classes



Carman Wakefield University of Cincinnati—Raymond Walters
Learner-Centered Teaching: From Crash and Burn to Something Learned



Gordon J. Aubrecht, II and Carol Bowman Ohio State University—Marion
Is There Any Correlation in an Inquiry Class Between Students’ Perceived Topic Difficulty and Their Performance?



Gordon J. Aubrecht, II Ohio State University—Marion
Comparison of Student Perceptions of Three Different Physics by Inquiry Classes



Joseph Cavanaugh ~ Wright State University—Lake and Gordon J. Aubrecht, II ~ Ohio State University—Marion
Salaries on Ohio Regional Campuses



Kay E. Strong Bowling Green State University—Firelands
CPR for the College Classroom: An Operator’s Manual



E. “Ted” Bunn Student Excellence Award Winners 2006 - 2007

Angela York Wright State University—Lake
Vision Therapy



E. “Ted” Bunn Student Excellence Award Winners 2007 - 2008

Jacob Smith Bowling Green State University—Firelands
Civil War



Jennifer Betz Kent State University—Stark
Religion’s Effects on Psychology



Susan Yocum Wright State University—Lake
The Portrait of a Small Ohio Town



Robert Miltner, Andrew Rihn, and Yvonne Williamson Kent State University—Stark
Studying Contemporary Ohio Women’s Poets: A Colloquium