2007 AURCO Journal

Table of Contents at a Glance

Editor’s Commentary

Jeffrey C. Bauer

Refereed Papers

Patricia Antonelli and Nashieli Marcano
Bowling Green—Firelands

Classroom or Online? A Comparison of Learning Venues for
Information Literacy

Joseph Cavanaugh
Wright State University—Lake

AURCO 2006 How Do We Compare? Branch and Main Campuses


Chen Ferguson
Miami University—Hamilton

The Teaching Journey – A Perspective from a Mid-Career Switcher
to Academia


Kenneth R. Collins
Ohio University—Zanesville

Reflections on a Service-Learning Project in a Two-Year Program


Parthasarathy Rajagopal
Kent State University—Stark

Teaching Statistics with Official Statistics in Regional Campuses


Stacie L. Sweet and Pamela S. Sealover
Ohio University—Zanesville

The Affect of Decreased Classroom Time on Course Outcomes


S Deborah Themudo, Deborah Page, and Ruth Benander
University of Cincinnati—Raymond Walters

Student and Faculty Perceptions of the Impact of Study Abroad on
Language Acquisition, Culture Shock, and Personal Growth


Julie E. Yonker, Sarah Cummins-Sebree, Jennifer Marshall, and
Robert Zai III
University of Cincinnati—Raymond Walters

Hit the Books: Student and Instructor Surveys for Psychology Textbook
Selection, Fine-Tuning the Process


Student Essay

Pamela E. Mohon
Ohio State University—Marion

My Yerma Writes Herself: A French Feminist Reading of Lorca’s Yerma