2002 AURCO Journal

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Arthur A. Molitierno
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Refereed Papers  

Gordon J. Aubrecht, II, The Ohio State University Marion

Views of Radiation and Radioactivity Found Among Preservice Teachers

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Jeffrey C. Bauer, University of Cincinnati Clermont

Distance Learning: A Student’s Perspective

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Joe Cavanaugh, H. Roger Full, Martin Kich, Roger McDermott, Wright State University Lake

Assessment in Nontraditional Courses

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Darwin Church, University of Cincinnati Clermont

Improving Physics Education - How and Why

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Mikiko Ward Crawford, Ohio University Southern

Student’s Perceptions of Microwave Distance Education at Ohio University

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Mikiko Ward Crawford, Lacey Curtis, Ohio University Southern

Using the Blackboard - Online

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John C. Duncan, Lynn C. Feterle, Charles V. Starkey, Kent State University School of Technology

Personal Computer-Based Flight Simulation to Teach Aircrew Teamwork, Crew Resource Management, and Decision Making

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Lee Fox-Cardamone, Kent State University Stark
Jackie Rose, Wright State University Dayton

Combining General Psychology With a Study Strategies Course

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Lee Fox-Cardamone, Kent State University Stark

Enhancing Attitude Change in the Classroom: Active-Learning in an Industrial-Organizational Psychology Class

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Leslie Heaphy, Kent State University Stark

Internship Opportunities at a Regional Campus

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Brian Hoyt, Mark Stockman, Ohio University Lancaster

A Virtual Business Training Center: An Online Platform for Students and Businesses

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Martin Kich, Wright State University Lake

Teaching What I Like: The Mystery Novel in a Variety of Courses

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Robert A. Klips, The Ohio State University Marion

A Campus Nature Center: A Community Education Resource

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Debra L. Lauth, Wright State University Lake

Both Sides of the Fence: The Nontraditional Student Meets the New Adjunct

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Niza Licuana, Kent State University Trumbull

Issues in Globalizing the Class Syllabi

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Sharon Tkacz, Kent State University Geauga

Grading the Teacher: Reassessment of Faculty Assessment

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Charles P. Wentz, Kent State University Trumbull

The Challenges of Engineering Technology Apprenticeship Programs in the Regional Campus System

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Conference Papers and Presentations  

Diane Feibel, University of Cincinnati Raymond Walters

Learning How to Learn

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Helen W. Joffe, Miami University Hamilton

Regional Campuses: The Future of Higher Education - Challenges As We Face That Future

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Lynn G. Johnson, Edward E. Wachtel, The Ohio State University Mansfield

Teacher Education in Ohio: A Regional Campus’ Innovative Response to Professional Development Needs of Inservice Teacher

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Gary J. Lape, University of Cincinnati Clermont

Partnerships with High Schools: Partners in Our Future

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Debra L. Lauth, Wright State University Lake

Process Analysis De-Mystified: Lessons Learned from the Common Yellow #2 Pencil

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Michelle McCoy, Kent State University Stark

Job-Share Experience Plan Promoting Community Partnerships

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Jeffrey Nelson, Kent State University Trumbull

The Role of Silence In Communication: A Case Study of Ohioan Mark Hanna

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John Wolfe, Faculty, Wright State University Lake
Mary Hart, Sally Paden, Students, Wright State University Lake

ASAP - Adults Supporting Adults Project

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Regional College Ads

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