Conference Program & Schedule

Welcome to the first AURCO Lunch Speaker Series!

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Monday, April 5

Time Title Presenter
11:00 AM Nursing faculty and their understanding of higher order thinking test development Cheryl Brady, KSU Salem
12:00 PM Variation in student perceptions of higher education course quality and difficulty Joe Cavanaugh, Stephen Jacquemin, and Christine Junker, Wright State Lake
1:00 PM Wellbeing in Academia Lizzie Ngwenya-Scoburgh, UC Blue Ash

Tuesday, April 6

Time Title Presenter
11:00 AM Student Perceptions on Virtual Anatomical Models for Remote Learning During the Pandemic Yoshi Odaka, UC Blue Ash
12:00 PM Reaching Your Struggling Student Corey Pate, KSU Trumbell
1:00 PM Increasing Student Collaboration, Advancing Learning and Promoting Resilient Online Communities with Padlet and Flipgrid María Ortiz and Annette Redmon, UC Blue Ash

Wednesday, April 7

Time Title Presenter
11:00 AM Mind, Brain, and Learning: Grounding Pedagogical Practice in Cognitive Psychology Patrick Owen, Debra Frame, Adity Mutsuddi, and Heather Vilvens, UC Blue Ash
12:00 PM Promoting Students Engagement and Interaction in Online Learning: A Case Study of PMI-Q Activity Adam Chekour, UC Blue Ash
1:00 PM -- --

Thursday, April 8

Time Title Presenter
11:00 AM Certificate-of-Need Laws and Healthcare Utilization during COVID-19 Pandemic Sriparna Ghosh, UC Blue Ash
12:00 PM The Trifecta! Projects that count for undergraduate research, university service, and provide classroom activities that enhance teaching Rachelle Kristof Hippler, Baldwin Wallace University
1:00 PM Hyflex Instruction -- Personal Reflections Eric Taylor, KSU Stark

Friday, April 9

Time Title Presenter
11:00 AM Interactive Video Lectures using ActivePresenter Mohamed Elwakil, UC Blue Ash
12:00 PM Increased Student Engagement in On-Line Synchronous classes using collaborative documents within MS OneDrive and/or Google Thomas Brinkman, UC Blue Ash
1:00 PM Belonging on the Regional Campus & Working with Counter Narrative Matt Wanat and Kevin Cordi, OU Lancaster