Keynote Speaker

Dr. John McNay photo

John T. McNay, PhD
Professor of History
University of Cincinnati - Blue Ash

Bread and Roses: An Academic Tale
Regarding the work that we all do, John McNay will review the political and academic environment as it has developed in Ohio over the last couple of years. He will examine the several controversies over attempts to control what we can teach, how we can teach, and what tools we can use. He will discuss threats and successes regarding academic freedom and shared governance. And he will suggest strategies to ensure our ability to continue to do the vital work of quality education in Ohio.

John T. McNay, PhD, is a specialist in the history of American Foreign Relations and a professor of history at the University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College. His special focus is the Cold War. Professor McNay has published books on the period and received a research fellowship at the Nobel Peace Institute in Oslo, Norway in 2016. But most AURCO members will know him from his work with the AAUP. He was president of the UC AAUP union chapter in 2010-2012 and served as president of the AAUP’s Ohio Conference for eight years until 2020. In 2015, the national AAUP gave him the Al Sumberg Award for work defending academic freedom and governance in Ohio. He has also received awards for service from UCBA and UC’s Faculty Senate. He was recently elected to the AAUP’s national council. A Montana native, McNay has taught at UCBA for 22 years.